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81% of Workers Using AI Are More Productive. Here's How to Implement It

Otto Williams

Jun 21, 2024

Discover the future of productivity with AI! According to a recent survey, 81% of workers using AI report significant boosts in efficiency and job satisfaction. Ready to transform your business? Join us at Spectro Agency and let us help you harness the power of AI with our cutting-edge digital solutions. Learn more at

A recent survey conducted by Slack's Workforce Lab highlights a significant boost in productivity and revenue among desk workers utilizing AI, despite facing some challenges. Here's how AI can be effectively integrated into your team.

The survey, which polled over 10,000 global desk workers, reveals a 23% increase in AI use since January 2024 and a 60% increase since September 2023. This rise in AI adoption is translating into substantial productivity gains. Desk workers, defined as full-time employees (30 or more hours per week) primarily in executive, senior, middle, and junior management roles, who engage in data work, information

analysis, or creative thinking, were the focus of this survey.

Key findings from the survey include:

- 81% of AI users report enhanced productivity and work quality.

- AI users experience higher levels of employee engagement:

  - +13% in access to relevant people, files, and resources

  - +18% in work-life balance

  - +23% in stress management

  - +24% in overall job satisfaction

  - +25% in flexibility

  - +29% in feeling passionate about their work

Additional insights reveal:

- Executive urgency to adopt AI has surged sevenfold since January 2024, now a top priority surpassing concerns about inflation or the broader economy.

- 73% of desk workers believe AI hype is justified, anticipating a significant impact from the technology.

- Enthusiasm for AI has grown, with 47% of global desk workers now eager for AI to handle job tasks, up from 42% at the start of the year.

- Younger workers (ages 18 to 29) show the most enthusiasm for AI, with 55% excited about automation, compared to 33% of workers over 60.

Research underscores AI's potential beyond productivity improvements. According to Accenture, companies leveraging generative AI for customer-related initiatives can expect a 25% revenue boost over five years compared to those focusing solely on productivity.

Despite the optimism, two-thirds of desk workers have yet to try AI tools. Although nearly half express enthusiasm, 93% remain skeptical about the trustworthiness of AI outputs for work tasks. The survey also indicates that AI could help reduce time spent on non-essential tasks, such as unnecessary meetings, low-value emails, and excessive paperwork. However, the time saved by AI is often redirected to routine administrative tasks, highlighting a missed opportunity to capitalize on AI's benefits.

Burnout remains a significant issue, with 64% of desk workers experiencing it at least once a month, and 30% lacking passion for their job. AI adoption could mitigate this by offloading mundane aspects of work.

To successfully implement AI at work, the survey suggests focusing on:

- AI Training: Trained workers are up to 19 times more likely to see productivity improvements and seven times more likely to trust AI tools.

- Leadership Trust: Workers who feel trusted by their employers are 94% more likely to have tried AI for work tasks and trust its accuracy and reliability.

- Confidence and Reliability: Only 15% of workers strongly agree they have the necessary education and training to use AI effectively. Providing context and better information could improve AI adoption.

Integrating AI tools into desk employees' workflows offers numerous benefits. Successful adoption of AI requires a supportive company culture, the right talent, effective processes, and comprehensive training. AI projects start with data, and a data-driven culture valuing trust and shared success is crucial for timely and effective implementation.

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