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How to Use the New Gemini AI Tools Built into Chromebooks

Otto Williams

Jul 8, 2024

Discover the power of AI with Google's latest Gemini tools on Chromebooks! 🚀 Whether you're a student or a professional, these new features are designed to boost your productivity and creativity. Join us at Spectro Agency to explore how AI can transform your business. Visit us at

In a bid to stay ahead in the tech industry's relentless race to integrate AI, Google is rolling out its Gemini apps and models across its products, with Chromebooks being the latest beneficiaries. These advanced AI features are now embedded in Chromebook Plus models—Google’s designation for the most modern and powerful laptops, making them ideal for students and other demanding users.

Unveiling the New Features

 Help Me Write

The "Help me write" feature, now ubiquitous across Google Docs and Gmail, is also integrated into ChromeOS. This tool can generate AI-driven text for various needs, such as restaurant reviews, emails, and blog posts. By simply right-clicking on the trackpad in any text box, users can access this feature, describe the text they need, and choose from a selection of AI-generated options. Additionally, existing text can be refined to be shorter, longer, more formal, or more casual, depending on the user’s


AI Wallpapers and Backgrounds

If the standard wallpapers fail to captivate, generative AI can create new ones based on user prompts. By right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Set wallpaper and style" followed by "Create with AI," users can generate personalized wallpapers and video backgrounds, tailoring their Chromebooks to their unique tastes.

Magic Editor in Google Photos

Previously available on mobile, the Magic Editor feature is now on Chromebooks, allowing users to move or erase objects and people in their photos. By installing Google Photos for Android on ChromeOS and selecting the Magic Editor, users can manipulate images with ease, offering a selection of AI-generated edits to choose from.

Gemini on the Home Screen

A new Gemini button on the Chromebook shelf grants direct access to the Gemini AI app, capable of generating text and answering a wide array of questions. Users can switch between the standard and advanced models, depending on their subscription, for more sophisticated outputs.

While these tools enhance productivity and creativity, users are reminded to verify AI-generated content, as these models can sometimes produce inaccuracies.

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