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Is Paying for ChatGPT-4 Worth It Now That ChatGPT-4o Is Free?

Otto Williams

May 20, 2024

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One of the biggest announcements accompanying the recent launch of ChatGPT-4o was its availability at no cost, a policy also applied to the already free ChatGPT-3.5. This development prompts a pivotal question: Is it still justifiable to pay for GPT-4?

Performance and Capabilities:

A critical consideration in choosing between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT is performance. ChatGPT-4o, while faster than both ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, offers limited access to casual users—just a few prompts every few hours. Once these are exhausted, users must revert to the slower ChatGPT-3.5. In contrast, paid subscribers enjoy broader access to ChatGPT-4o, with options to switch seamlessly between it and ChatGPT-4. Plus members, for example, can send 80 messages every three hours on GPT-4o, with fewer interruptions during peak times.


Though free users can now access GPT-4o, this includes the ability to browse the web, upload files, and even access custom GPTs, the paid version offers substantially more. Paid users benefit from five times more messages on GPT-4o, early access to new features, enhanced file upload capabilities, web browsing, image creation with DALL•E, and the ability to build custom GPTs.

Which Is Right for Me?

For casual users and hobbyists, the free version may suffice for infrequent or non-critical AI tasks. Content creators and freelancers, who depend more heavily on AI for generating material, will likely find the precision and enhanced features of the Plus membership more appealing. Similarly, developers and tech enthusiasts, as well as businesses, may find the Team and Enterprise plans—offering higher usage limits and additional features—more tailored to their extensive needs.

While the free availability of ChatGPT-4.0 is a significant addition to the AI landscape, the choice between sticking with or switching from a paid plan ultimately hinges on specific user needs. For those in pursuit of high performance, reliability, and advanced functionalities, the paid version remains a compelling option. For those just starting out or with minimal needs, the free plan might be sufficient.

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