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The AI Governance Elephant in the Room

Otto Williams

May 8, 2024

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The need for high-quality data for AI-driven applications cannot be overstated. A recent judicial ruling against Air Canada, which held the airline liable for a chatbot that inaccurately communicated its bereavement policy, underscores the severe consequences of flawed AI data usage. These consequences pose significant monetary and reputational risks, particularly when AI systems disseminate or even generate false information.

Today, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are vigorously enhancing procedures to ensure their corporate data is fit for AI consumption. This effort unfolds within the robust data governance frameworks that orchestrate complex interactions among systems, people, policies, and processes. These frameworks are designed to optimize all data within the enterprise for its intended use, from simple data definition policies to complex requirements for manual human review.

However, as AI systems increasingly process unstructured text data—data that often falls outside traditional governance frameworks—the challenges mount. The gap between traditional data handling in business software and the information processed by AI systems is vast. While entries in a database may lack context, strings of text are rich with it, complicating governance efforts.

This governance gap means that vast amounts of text data, often scattered across an organization in various systems and tools, lack sufficient oversight. These are not merely academic concerns but are daily realities at most large organizations, with new risks emerging as unstructured data continues to evade traditional governance mechanisms.

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