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The Future of AI in Graphic Design: Insights from Industry Leaders

Otto Williams

Jun 10, 2024

Embrace the future of graphic design with AI! At Spectro Agency, we leverage cutting-edge AI tools to drive creativity and efficiency in every project. Join us at and discover how we can transform your digital experience.

In 2024, AI is now embedded in countless agencies' workflows. We ask graphic designers what that means and where it's all heading.

AI in Graphic Design Baked in From the Start

Typically, AI is used most at agencies around the start of the process. While generative AI art might not be perfect, and the legal issues around it have certainly not gone away, it offers a quick and easy way to get going with ideas. "At the moment, AI has the most impact for us during the ideation and concepting phases," says Iain Acton, motion design director at Mother Design.

Helen Fuchs, executive director of design at ustwo, tells a similar story. "We're using AI to accelerate our processes and workflow, freeing up more time to make the work exceptional," she explains.

Getting Experimental

For many agencies, AI isn't just useful for client work. "We use it for more general exploration and experimentation," says Grant Hunter, chief creative officer at Iris. "The focus here is very much on playing with the tools to see where they might take us. This isn't for work that will enter the public domain for a client; rather these are creative experiments to explore the possibilities."

Improving Collaboration

Helen adds that AI is also helping to cross-pollinate ideas across disciplines at ustwo. "AI tools have enabled our teams to trial and share ideas quickly across disciplines and speak the same language," she enthuses.

AI for Research and Analysis

Simon Collister, director at UNLIMITED's Human Understanding Lab, provides an example. "Using our in-house platform, called LUCA, we can identify a target audience for a campaign and in minutes run an analysis using a sample of the audience’s social content," he explains. "This analysis deploys AI to generate a psychographic profile that can inform creative development."

Dangers and Downsides of AI in Graphic Design

Even if AI isn't directly costing jobs in graphic design (yet), some tricky questions still arise. For instance, AI art can look pretty samey and generic. So how can designers make the best use of it while maintaining a distinctly human, creative touch in their work?

"I see AI as a powerful tool, but its reliance on patterns and predictions from its training data doesn't allow for serendipity to enter the creative process," says Iain Acton. "The human touch remains crucial for ensuring the emotional and creative impact of the final product."

Everything Is Changing

At the same time, the types of problems designers have to solve are fast-changing as well, and that's where AI can really come into its own.

"We are being asked a lot by clients to explore and think about the future of interfaces and experiences in an AI paradigm," notes Helen Fuchs. "Everyone is recognizing that chat can feel slow and labored… so what’s next?" AI will, she believes, open up the opportunity to create adaptable interfaces – "living systems that shape to your needs, your mood, your context."

As the landscape of AI and graphic design continues to evolve, it's essential to partner with a digital agency that remains at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. At Spectro Agency, we specialize in high-end digital marketing, app creation, AI-powered solutions, chatbots, software creation, and website creation. Our expertise ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest advancements in AI to create stunning and effective digital experiences.

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