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Top AI Excel Tools in 2024

Otto Williams

May 31, 2024

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Over the past few years, AI has profoundly impacted how we use commonplace applications like Microsoft Excel. Excel tools driven by AI have completely changed the data management game. These AI-powered Excel tools streamline processes with intelligent technologies. They can clean up messy data, predict patterns, and provide recommendations for data presentation. It’s like having a personal assistant in Excel that can enhance your productivity and precision.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are add-ins and extensions for Excel that use AI to improve the spreadsheet experience. In general, you can get more done with the help of these technologies because they automate processes and enhance data analysis.


An AI-driven tool that significantly simplifies the writing of numerical data in Excel and Google Sheets. Artificial intelligence can now take care of boring formula writing jobs.


By automating mundane but necessary operations, making complex formula construction a breeze, and facilitating the generation of sophisticated VBA scripts for automation, Ajelix stands out as the leading AI-driven Excel application. Save a ton of time with Ajelix’s lightning-fast text-to-Excel formula translation.


To generate one-of-a-kind formulas for Excel and Google Sheets, the free AI tool GPTExcel employs sophisticated AI. Users may input their requirements into a straightforward interface and get customized formulas. GPTExcel also provides thorough explanations to help users better understand and use the formulas they develop.


For use with Excel, SheetGod can convert plain old English into complicated scripts, formulas, and regular expressions, all powered by artificial intelligence. Google Appscript’s code snippets make automating even the most intricate processes possible. SheetGod is an add-on for Excel and Google Workspace that lets you write professional emails and create a ton of PDFs.

Formula Generator

Formula Generator is an advanced AI toolset that automates Excel activities by utilizing written instructions transformed into formulas, Regex, and SQL queries. Its “Explain Formula” tool and Google Sheets Add-on improve comprehension and streamline formula creation in spreadsheets.


An intuitive formula powers PromptLoop’s AI in Excel and Google Sheets in the GPT-3 way. In spreadsheets, it sorts, summarizes, and alters text data. Prior experience with AI or coding is optional for using PromptLoop to build AI-powered spreadsheet models. Applying AI models to solve problems is similar to adding or searching up.

Formulas HQ

When it comes to spreadsheets, Formulas HQ is a lifesaver. It explains everything step-by-step in simple English, and our AI will simplify those very complicated statistics by generating the formula in Google Sheets or Excel.

AI Excel Bot

Building complicated formulas in Excel is a breeze with the aid of the AI Excel Bot. To provide customers with the greatest results, the AI Excel Bot formula developer uses the most recent GPT-3 AI model. Users can develop formulas using simple, English-language instructions, allowing them to focus on making numbers rapidly and easily while the AI Excel Bot handles the technical parts.

AI Office Bot

The AI Office Bot is an efficient tool that can precisely handle large amounts of data, allowing you to make better analyses and decisions. This program uses artificial intelligence to help explain and develop formulas for different apps. It is compatible with over ten programs, such as GSheets, Slack, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Airtable, and more.

Neural Formula

Neural Formula is an affordable artificial intelligence (AI) Excel utility that facilitates formula creation, automation, and translation. Its principal objective is to improve spreadsheet and data analysis efficiency using AI and machine learning.


When it comes to spreadsheets, Goodlookup is a trustworthy tool. In the same way that the intuitive GPT-3 language model can read and interpret data, this one can do the same. With its strong matching skills for data connections and the intuitive features of GPT-3, it’s a great tool. Think of GoodLookup as the upgraded version of vlookup or index match.

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